A therapeutic massage will not provide a cure for diseases, rashes or illnesses, but it will support conventional treatment of various conditions.

A therapeutic massage is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. It uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health.

We have a number of different oils on offer, please choose from one of the following;

Lavender – Used to enhance relaxation and sleep as well as to relieve headache and migraine symptoms.

Sweet Orange – Used to improve mood and reduce stress as well as aiding with certain skin conditions. Sweet orange can also help with reducing pain and inflammation and can even help with an upset stomach

Tea Tree – Used to treat certain skin conditions or improve the overall appearance of your skin.

Eucalyptus – Used to help relieve the airways during a cold or flu.

Lemongrass – Used to treat anxiety and helps reduce muscle aches and pains. Lemongrass can also aid headaches and indigestion.

Peppermint – Used to improve energy and alertness while reducing headaches and stress. Peppermint also can alleviate the signs and symptoms of a cold.

Bergamot – Used to elevate mood and alleviate stress along with easing aches and pains.

Frankincense – Used to reduce stress and anxiety and can also ease the signs of indigestion. Frankincense is also used to ease the symptoms of a cold and can help improve dry skin, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars and age spots.

Lemon – Used to improve mood, and to help relieve the symptoms of stress and depression.

Rosemary – Used to promote hair growth, boost memory, prevent muscle spasms, and support the circulatory and nervous systems.

Cinnamon – Used to reduce symptoms of a cold and helps aid with constipation. In addition, cinnamon stimulates circulation, reduces stress, relieves pain, fights off infections, improve digestion, and protects against insects.

Ylang-Ylang – Used to boost mood while reducing depression and anxiety. Ylang-Ylang can also reduce blood pressure and lower the heart rate as well as repelling insects.